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Big Dog of Da Bronx

This Item is made for "Da Bronx"

Make no mistake about it.  This horn will get people's attention...even if they are in an Escalade.  This is great in city traffic or on shared higher speed roads where you need to be heard.  This will also scare the life out of another bicyclist if you honk behind them.  Please be kind and respectful.

Material: Made of high-quality plastic

Decibel: 118db

Diameter: 2.5cm to 5.5cm

Battery capacity: 780mah

Applicable: Bicycle standard handlebar

Handlebar diameter: 22-31.8mm

Alert distracted drivers from a distance:With 118 decibels, alert distracted drivers that you’re approaching.

Different mounting angle:Mount this bike horn either horizontally or vertically.

Bike horn for various-sized handles:Mount the horn on your bicycle, electric bike, electric scooter, and more. You can change the diameter from  2.5cm to 5.5cm.

Big button:It is convenient to control the horn with its large-sized horn button.

Waterproof horn:This chargeable horn is waterproof.

Big battery:Charge one time and use the chargeable electric horn for one whole month.

Two remote controllers:Lose one horn remote controller, you still have one to go.

Type C Charge:Get 1 USB type C port charging cable with this electric horn for your bike.

The package contains:1 x F118 horn alarm, 1 x Aluminum bracket, 1 x USB type C port charging cable, 1 x mount tool, 2 x bolts, 4 x pad, 1 x rolled strip, strong package for safe transportation

Easy to Install:It is easy to install these electric horns and remove them when necessary.